Own The Hunt

What does it truly mean to “Own The Hunt” ?

As hunters we all know the feeling of accomplishment, the adrenaline rush when that moment is about to unfold and the gratification of knowing exactly where your food comes from. We were raised in families that hunted and fished not just as a hobby but as a way of putting food on the table. We grew up with this lifestyle engrained in our genetics and today still hunt to provide.

Owning The Hunt goes beyond all this and embodies the true connection with your natural environment and is about tuning in to all aspects of the hunt.

It’s about religiously practicing shot placement to ensure the most ethical shot, its the mixed feelings of letting an animal pass because the shot opportunity wasn’t perfect. It’s about understanding in detail the species you are hunting, their habits, their safety triggers, their instincts and the environment that “they” live in.

It’s about putting the time in. It’s the rollercoaster of emotions and being to the point where you are physically and mentally drained but somehow have the ability to conquer this as well as the elements and terrain.

This is exactly what fuels hunters to do what they do! Its the addiction to the challenge, learning from your failures and fine tuning your skills and awareness with nature. It’s having the dedication and perseverance in order to own it.

It’s not just killing an animal and providing food, it’s that feeling of accomplishment, it’s recognizing the knowledge gained from each hunting experience and knowing that you did everything you could to make your thoughts a reality.

BKA refers to this as “Own the hunt”

It is important for us at Bush King Apparel to ensure our kids are a part of this lifestyle as well. We strive to share with them as much of the experience as possible. As such, our apparel line includes a full section of Youth hoodies & tees to match Mom & Dad. Let the experiences begin!

Our Own The Hunt Series features a back design print that captures the initial feelings experienced just moments after a successful hunt where you’ve done everything possible to ensure your target is reached.

Own the Hunt